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We can provide up to 4 booths at a single event!

Non-profits and Charities will receive a 10% discount on all fees

Typical Event Setup:

Booth SetupOur typical booth setup


Our Green Screen Photo Booth "Studio" Packages Include:


Professional Studio Set Up

12' Wide Green Screen Background

Unlimited Setups

2 Person Photo Booth Crew

On Site Printing

Free Copy of All Merged Images!

Everyone in the Shot Gets a Full Size  Print!

All Prints Are Included In Our Fee

Click Here to View Our Short Videos:

Green Screen Photo Booth:Halloween Party
Green Screen Photo Booth: Wedding Reception

Green Screen Photo Booth: Christmas/Happy New Year!

Perfect for: Corporate Events, Wedding Receptions, Fund Raisers  
Proms - Themed Events


Green Screen Photo Booths

We set up an Open Air "Studio" at your event location with professional lighting, photographer and computer/printer operator.

Our Green Screen background is 12' wide allowing for 1-15 people (or more) in a single shot.  

We make a print for every person in the shot! 12 people in the shot - we make 12 prints!

We also offer 10'x20' backgrounds for our clients with large items such as cars or boats w/people.


8x10 or 8x12 Prints are available by special arrangement

Special copy and logos can be added to your photos at no extra charge


On the spot masking of green clothing & objects

Green clothing or objects become transparent if not masked by the computer operator - many low end vendors do not have a dedicated computer operator and can not perform this masking operation.


Digital “Green Screen” Backgrounds

We typically shoot against our big 12' wide Green Screen background (just like the movies!) and drop any digital photo or graphic background you choose behind your guest. You can  choose from over 600, free digital backgrounds that we have available in our on line collection or we can use your provided digital image or graphic. If you have built a set for your event or have a photogenic location, we can use it for the background instead of using our Green Screen. Be sure and take a look at our 3D backgrounds that put your guest "into" the picture!


Specialized Backgrounds:

Sports & Consumer Magazine Covers

Movie Posters (We Put You In the Poster)

3D Backgrounds


Memphis Area Events:

3 Hour Minimum Rental

                                                                                             Please contact us for a quote for your event: 901-355-9221


Out of the Memphis Area:

35 - 100 + Miles from Memphis: 4 hour minimum + travel

We will be happy to give you a quote.


8x10 Package Prints (1-8x10, 2-5x7's or 8-Wallets) 

Ask about our on site Package Printing



Roaming Photographer


Our roaming photographer will capture still images of all the people and action of your event. The images will then be posted in your personal gallery for all your guest, family and friends to view/order. This is not a "wedding photographer" but, rather, an event/documentary photographer. The fee covers services only.


3 Hour Minimum Booking for Memphis area events


$ 150 per hour - Memphis area events



All prices subject to change without notice.